Tuesday, August 8, 2017


This week, we celebrate Liam's birthday and I think a pretty fair theme for the year has been rebuilding. A great friend of mine moved away several months ago, and in doing so, she gave me quite a bit of birthday gear in construction theme. I showed Liam, asked him his thoughts, and he's been ALL ABOUT IT ever since. And in this season of remodel that God has my Little Family in, I felt it appropriate.
As is tradition for me and my boy, I ordered his birthday shirt and found some time to sneak in some birthday pictures... and what better back drop than the big trucks that are iconic tools for the rebuilding! Check out some of our Construction Site photos and just try not to fall in love with my kid.
At this stage of life, Liam loves building. Legos, ropes tied to random objects, blocks, rocks, or anything he may need in his newest invention; he's a builder. And I admire that. It doesn't matter what its made of, or if it even looks like what he originally intended, once he has a final product, its perfect exactly the way it turned out. We can all take a page out of his book on this one. Embrace and authentically engage in the process and we'll be more content with the final product. 
Look at that face :) He may have been a bit giddy to be this close to these big machines. They sure are big, and when you're up close to them, they can be a bit overwhelming, scary even. Gearing up for these photos, Liam couldn't wait to touch the wheels, but he also made it very clear to me that he was afraid, too. That's how I've felt during this season of rebuilding. Excited at progress, but also scared of it. Elated at change, nauseated over the unknown. It's okay to hold two completely different (and sometimes even conflicting) emotions or truths simultaneously. Liam and I have learned to lean into those feelings. It is part of our rebuilding. 

So yes, we are under construction. This year, 2017, has brought on many changes and its safe to say they are changes even bigger than these giant trucks. However, as Liam and I have learned to lean into the discomfort and feel it, we have realized that in doing that, we are stronger. We can't be dumped on or flattened or bulldozed, because the Foreman in charge of our remodel is the Lord. 
So happy birthday, bud... and thank you for being the most patient and loving not quite 4 year old on the planet. You remind me every day why I'm doing what I'm doing. My journey is for me and for you, so thank you for riding it out with me. I've never met another child with your level of empathy and emotional intelligence, and sometimes that scares me. Mostly it makes me proud and excited for your future. I'm amazed at every new thing you learn and I'm so thankful that God chose me to be your mom. He knew you'd teach me things that no one else could. I pray every day for the man you'll become and I can't wait to see how the Lord uses you. 

Construction sites are messy and usually take a long time before anything takes any real shape, but I'm encouraged by God's promise of His plan for us. He's been at work on these blueprints for a long time... and something very awesome is being built. Something very awesome is coming soon
Happy Birthday, Liam. I love you more than you'll ever know. 

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