Monday, July 25, 2016

A Band of Heroes

You do not want to mess with these hardcore heroes. They can punch, kick flip, and hi-yah with the best of them. And they do not put up with troublemakers. This weekend, we celebrated this little trio... the cutest little super posse you've ever seen. 
Sweet smiles, happy hugs, and fun friends... they know how to do life together. They see everything as a new adventure, and their party was no different. They each loved all the activities, all the foods and all the people. 
To all our KC area friends that helped us celebrate these little heroes, THANK YOU! Family may be far away, but you all make this place feel like home! 

These boys have stolen my heart. Though they are but small, they are mighty! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Batman VS Superman, the sequel :)

I haven't seen the big cinematic version of the film, but daily (or nearly daily) I see the real life version of Batman VS Superman in these precious boys. When they were first born, their big brothers picked out onesies for them when they were in the NICU. Gideon's alter ego became Superman and Titus became Batman. Tomorrow they celebrate their 3rd birthday and these boys, stronger than ever, gravitate toward the superhero to whom they were first likened. 
Just look at these sweet twins. They are Liam's best friends and he and I both love them dearly! I've only known them since last fall, but they have changed and grown so much in just that short time. But one thing that hasn't changed... no matter how often we see them, be it three days ago or two hours ago, when Liam and I come over to their house, we are greeted with BIG hellos and even BIGGER hugs. 
I think its pretty cool how God made these boys. Twins... grown at the same time, in the same belly and yet they are so very different. Not just in height and weight, but in personality! Titus is totally the class clown. He loves to hide at the most random times. Every gross boy sound is just hilarious to him. He fakes burps and laughs uncontrollably at almost-empty-ketchup-bottle noises.... you know... :) And Gideon, he is the protector, the bottomless pit eater, the paper collector, and if he hears a song he recognizes, he's belting it out! I love their differences! And I can't wait to see how God uses their differences as they grow up! 
Like I said, I've never watched the 2016 Batman VS Superman, but I hear that they unite to fight a common enemy in the film despite their own feud. I don't know about you, but that sounds exactly like a pair of brothers to me. Picking fights and in the next breath, they're helping each other.
So happy birthday, Gideon and Titus! I can't wait to see what 3 looks like on you. More city saving, bad guy catching, cape wearing fun... adventure awaits!
"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero."
- Marc Brown

Monday, July 18, 2016

Casting Call

If you hear of any up and coming child actors needed to play the most adorable version of the Hulk you'll ever see, please give them Liam's contact info. He LOVES the Hulk. In our home, there are days were Liam only answers to "Hulk Smash" and not a day goes by without something - a lego tower, a stack of folded laundry, whatever it may be - getting abruptly annihilated with the simple explanation of "HHHUUULLLKKK SSSMMAAAAAAAAASSSHHHH!" And my tiny Hulk is about to turn 3 so of course we're doing a superhero birthday. 
In early March, I tucked Liam into his bed for nap time one afternoon and he slept for his typical hour and half nap. However, this nap was different. When he woke up, he marched right out of his room, came to me sitting on the couch and announced, "I have spiderman cake and superhero birthday." That was 4 months ago. At least every two to three days Liam asks for his superhero birthday. He wants all the supers there, and if you ask him his favorite, he's likely to respond with a different hero every day, but he always says "_____ and hulk smash!" 
 With this boy, there is never a dull moment. From jumping off EVERYTHING and his main mode of transportation being a full sprint, he keeps me guessing. Keeps me moving. And keeps me laughing. I'm a little broken hearted that he is about to turn 3. What happened to the 7 lb 11oz baby that fit neatly in my belly? Over the course of the last almost 3 years, he has turned into a little man who is incredibly independent, super smart, very kind, ridiculously funny and extremely emotionally intelligent. Everyday he makes some connection, or says something, that just blows me away.
 But the main difference between my Hulk Smash up-and-comer and the original is the fact that even when he's angry, you can't help but like him! See what I did there...
 Here's to just a couple more weeks before you're three, Hulk Smash. I can't wait to watch you jump higher, run faster, and hug harder! I love you beyond the moon... even farther than Hulk could throw you!
"Little boys are just superheroes in disguise."